Low Density Condo In Kuala Lumpur: Spacious And Quality Living

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Low Density Condo In Kuala Lumpur: Spacious And Quality Living

February 15, 2020 Uncategorized 0
low density condo in kl

Low VS High Density Condo

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, with rapid urbanisation and the growing population within cities, high density living is increasingly dominant. Condo living has become more popular among students, young generation, expats, as well as those who plan to retire. With the continuous rise in demand for residential condominiums, the condo units being offered also shrink, leaving the buyers with few and more expensive options for condos with bigger spaces. Hence, buyers find an imbalance between high-density living and low-density living. Furthermore, the low to moderate income segment of the population especially, would only be able to afford to live in crowded high-rises.

Low Density Condo In Kuala Lumpur

Nowadays, developers have been trying to apply low-density layout in their condominium design. Most of us are prefer to live within a spacious and quiet environment. This can be quite tricky for those who prefer living in high-density apartment or condominium. High-density residential are usually located in central business districts, while low-density condos are situated in inner cities. When it comes to location, high-density units have a greater advantage for students and professionals who do not want the hassle of a long commute. But for those looking for long-term value and investment growth, purchasing a low-density condo unit may be a better investment than having a high-density condo.


WHY Low-density Condo?

  • Spacious living
  • Capital Growth
  • Avoid congestion
  • Better level of security and Amenities
  • Privacy

Low Density Condo In Kuala Lumpur

Spacious Living

Due to fewer units per floor in a low-density residential building, owners will enjoy the luxury of space in contrast to living in a high-density condominium. They will have enough room for themselves and their belongings. This is an ideal choice for those who are planning on starting a family. It is even more affordable and convenient than buying a house.

Capital Growth

Purchasing a low-density unit may have higher upfront costs as compared to buying a high-density one. But when considering a long-term investment yield, a low-density unit has better potential. When you own a unit, you also own a portion of the property’s land. However, having more units occupying a building means owning a lesser ratio of land in proportion to the number of condo units. Whereas, a low-density condominium with a fewer number of units would mean a much larger share of the land, ergo a higher potential for better capital return in the future.

Avoid Congestion

High-density condos often have the disadvantage of a noisy and congested atmosphere due to the number of tenants. On the contrary, living in a low-density condo is ideal for professionals and students who wish to come home to a quiet and relaxed living environment. With fewer neighbors, the noise is less and controllable.

Low Density Condo In Kuala Lumpur

Better Level of Security And Amenities

Low-density condominiums implement strict entry into the property, giving owners an added sense of security especially when they are frequently away for work or out-of-town vacation. This also ensures a safer environment for the residents, unlike in high-density condos where it might be harder to monitor the people coming in and out of the property. Some low-density condos usually provide exclusive access to their floors and common areas which are usually equipped with CCTVs and access keycards. This also means that the facilities and amenities are easier to maintain.


One of the reasons why low-density condos are a better investment is the sense of exclusivity they offer. Living in an intimate community gives the tenants a sense of privacy. It also allows more intimate social interactions with their neighbors who share similar lifestyle preferences.


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